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Encouragement Article

Getting a Pet

I will have to kennel train the puppy. I will have to pay for it, I will have to get dog food, I will wake up in the middle of the night to let it pee 2-3 times.

I will have to do more work.

Our house will be messier.

It is just ONE more thing I have to deal with.

BUT my children get to grow up with a puppy.

They get to form a bond with a little dog that is a part of their family.

They will foster love for it.

They will learn from it.

They get to experience one of the best life events possible.

We are getting a puppy.

Animals have always meant a lot to me. Growing up on a ranch we had a wide variety of pets from ferrets, hamsters, cats, dogs, horses and the occasional bottle calf. Animals were a big part of our family. We grew up with them, took them to many places we traveled. They were a part of our support, our love, our happiness and play.

I think a child benefits greatly from a pet. An animal with unconditional love is something we all can appreciate. It is important for a child to bear responsibility for an animal. Having tasks to complete in the daily effort to clean up after them, feed them, take care of them.

These acts teach an outward serving mentality that is important in any walk of life. It is fun to have such a wide variety of pets to choose from. Their lives intertwine with yours and can be part of many memories. Even with their passing, an unfortunate event to be sure, it can teach children about the reality of life and death in a relatable way that still prepares them for the rigors ahead.

My lead in statement stands to the degree of work required. Homes take work. Jobs demand work, families and children demand a whole lotta work! My wife and I were adamant that we wanted to be cautious of adding more responsibilities to our plate. As we had three kids in two years, there was a lot going on in our house. We did not get a pet until our oldest was 3 and our twins were 1 and it was a fish that stayed happily in a bowl.

Quick side bar on the fish, after a good bit its belly started to enlarge, we were afraid it was going to burst and just be floating with its innards hanging out for our 4 yr old son to see. To avoid the whole mess ( real mature handling I know) I flushed the fish down the toilet, we got another beta fish (different color). We told our kids that our original fish, named Gloopy, had a big poop. It made his stomach smaller and it changed his color! Gloopy 2.0 lived for multiple years after his big poop.

Back to the more professional topic at hand, we did get a cat when my son was four. It was a very fun experience. He came with me to the animal shelter. He got to meet all the cats there. We got a great recommendation and chose a fun little grey cat that had a rough go on the streets, even getting a big gash in his throat from a dog encounter. He has held down our home as our guard cat 4 years later.

Old Ryan has brought a lot of love and enjoyment to our home. He is a part of our family. My son still remembers bringing him home. My twins don't remember a time of him not being there.

A litter box full of cat poop, cat pee on couches, hair everywhere and vet trips be damned.

With our kids getting older, they are becoming more self-sufficient. They are able to complete more basic tasks and require less attention from myself and my wife. We began having discussions on when we should get a dog.

With so many good memories between my wife and I about our pets growing up, how can I stand in the way of them having the same opportunities? Is some hard work, altered sleep and some messes going to prevent my kids from having those memories?

Cowboy up Jerod!!! As some may say.

With them maturing at 8 and 6 years old, we felt it was time for us as parents to bite the proverbial bullet, and be prepared for the support of a puppy.

I believe it will foster our kids' life experience to grow with a brand new little dog that can become a part of our family.

This week we are bringing home our puppy. Wish us luck gents! Old Ryan is gonna be pissed haha.

Stay the course out there.


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15 ก.ค. 2566

Love this , and Lady Elizabeth Lefty Post ( Lizzie) will be a cherished member of yr sweet fam ❤️

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