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A physically and emotionally involved father can radically change the course of their child's life for the better.

At The Intentional Father, we encourage and equip fathers to be present and intentional with their children.

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The Intentional Father was first a thought during the year 2020. In the midst of a global pandemic, many either out of work or working from home, along with daycares closed, meant an abundance of family time.  While this was a blessing, it quickly turned quality time into quantity time and turned fun unique days into the same day with the same struggles, discussions, and arguments. Each day turned into survival, trying to find an activity to simply occupy time until naptime or bed time. Precious time in our children's life went by while we were just trying to hold everything together.  


As chaotic as it was, it was realized that now, more than ever, is an important time to be intentional with our children.  


This is why The Intentional Father was created. To Encourage and Equip fathers, or any parent as the head of the household, to be purposeful in developing relationships with their children through planned activities and intentionally thought out moments.  

“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed,   and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society."     

- Billy Graham

For all fathers to find the encouragement and support they need to be present and intentional daily.

From our Intentional Activities and Intentional Moments lists to our Additional Resources of both recommended organizations and articles, we hope you find the support you need.

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Resources for Men to improve their own body, mind, and actions with the intent to then be able to better Father their children.


From our Recommended Reading list to better understanding your financial situation, Men's Resources provides outlets to help.

The Encouragement Articles are intended simply for that, Fatherhood Encouragement. Thoughts, triumphs, and struggles written to encourage fathers. Sometimes, just knowing others struggle the same way, in the same things, is encouraging. Other times, reading about Father / Son or Daughter victories is the smile needed for the day.  

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All proceeds go straight towards furthering our mission by developing resources and reaching fathers to encourage and equip them to be present and intentional with their children. 

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This site was built solely to assist fathers in bettering their relationships with their children. I believe if the foundation is properly build between a father and a child, no adversity will destroy it. The house may get demolished, but the foundation remains on which the house can be rebuilt.  


My hope for this site is to provide anything and everything a father needs to build that foundation and develop that relationship.  


One item I would like to mention is throughout this site, my faith will show through. My thoughts and actions are rooted in prayer, the bible, and Jesus Christ. While this is the case, my purpose for The Intentional Father is not to be a Christian website. Every child in this world needs a father-figure. I do not wish to silo anyone who could benefit from the information on the site because of Christian words or views.  It is for all to learn and benefit from. 


That being said, if you would like to learn more about Christianity, please visit our Grow In Faith page or send us a message from the Connect With Us page. 


I sincerely thank you for visiting The Intentional Father. 


- Chad Vrla


For more information about me or other site contributors, see the Contributors sections below.


For more information on why the site was created and the impact a Father can have on a child, check out the encouragement post "Why a Father Matters". 


Thank You! 



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