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Intentional Moment:

Lunchbox Letters

On a daily or weekly basis, send little reminders to your child that you are thinking about them, care about them, and love them! Slip notes, drawings, inside jokes into their lunches for a smile during the day.

Lunchbox Letters

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Write about the fun weekend you had or how proud you are of them in their last play or sporting event. Write a joke or draw a funny picture. Anything to let them know that you are thinking about them and to put a smile on their face. That could be the difference maker in their day!

For some wonderful Lunchbox Letter ideas, check out the link below form!

The link above IS an affiliate link. While this is a product, the intention is to use it as a tool to be more intentional with your child.

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The link above is NOT an affiliate link. The Intentional Father simply believes it to be a great resource for fathers!

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Create a chain out of scraps of paper, write notes, thoughts, what you are thankful for, personal encouragement, what you love about your children, what you want to improve on as a father. Each day, make it part of your routine, sit down with your child, tear off the next chain in the link, and talk about what is written!



Write personal, prompted letters to your son. Can be for any age or stage of life. Share favorite memories, personal hopes, or best wishes! Date when sealed and when it should be opened.



Create an email account for your child. Not for them to use, but for you to send them messages, memories, thoughts, or notes throughout their life. Then, when you are ready, give them the email and password!



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