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Intentional Moment:

Setup Email Account

Create an email account for your child. Not for them to use, but for you to send them messages, memories, thoughts, or notes throughout their life. Then, when you are ready, give them the email and password!

Setup Email Account

Image Source: Stephen Phillips on Unsplash

This is one way to capture moments throughout your child's life. The cool thing, is that you can modify this idea however you want!

Below are a couple ideas for emails:
- On each birthday, write a note re-capping the year and include a picture
- Write a short email simply saying that you are thinking about them and love them
- In a time of struggle, write to them to express how you are dealing with the situation, show your vulnerability
- Use it as a log/diary for special moments with your child
- Look through the emails/messages at the end of each year to re-live the memories made

There are many options for you to be creative and make your own memories.

When you are ready, maybe once your kid graduates high school or moves off to battle the world on their own, give them the email and password.

Additional thoughts:
- Give the email to family members or close friends throughout your child's life to write notes and letters.
- Continue emailing them once they have the email and password. Use it as a tool to continue your relationship once your children leave your home.

For me personally, I have an email account setup for each of my sons. I set a reminder on my calendar for once a month to send them an email. It has ranged from a quick "Hey, just thinking about you today. Hope you are doing well as you are reading this" to diving into something we did together recently. I love writing to them about experiences we've had together as I know they will most likely not remember in years to come. But they will now and forever know how much that time meant to me and how much they mean to me. No doubt I am excited to give them each their email and password one day!

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