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Encouragement Article

Purposeful Parenting

Anyone can haphazardly be a part in making a child. It takes a higher quality individual to be a parent. Be that higher quality individual. Your children will be better for your effort.

Procreation is a way of a species to advance its genetics in a sustained form. To survive in this world as a biological organism, one must eat-sleep-and reproduce. Charles Darwin’s natural selection of species hinged on more genetically fit organisms that were better suited to their environment and therefore could sustain their familial lines with more longevity than those less fit.

We as humans have utilized advancements in medical technology to reduce the risks inherent and increase the likelihood of reproduction in our lifetimes. We should not be so callous to forget how important this act is, and the gravity of what a simple act of procreation can bring.

The act may be easy, but the product is a living, breathing child that is the combination of you and your partner's DNA. It is a miracle in its truest form. From the start of the smallest cell organism at the time of fertilization, and in a short nine months…it is a fully fledged human being with a complex working anatomy, physiology and neurology.

I am constantly reminding myself of this miracle. I truly stop to remember this amazing event that I must not take for granted. I fear that many have lost sight and perspective and importance of what it means to be a parent. I see people solely attending to their phones while with their children, ignoring their children, not taking active roles in their lives at important moments, not attending to the portions of rearing a child that a parent-guardian must be involved in.

Life is not easy, stressors are everywhere, even individuals that desire to be good parents can be pulled in too many directions to properly stratify their priorities. It is no simple task to work all day, care for the basic needs of your kids, deal with politics, social stressors, dieting, bills, home care, financial strain, sleep, anxieties, self and couple goal….etcetera.

The initial statement stands, anyone can make a child with the right combination. It takes a dedicated, aware, hard working, honest, loving person to be a good parent.

I challenge us all to stay strong in the path of being a dedicated parent to our children. So many portions of the world’s issues can be assisted by parents doing the best they can to make good human beings.

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