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Leadership as a Father

Being a quality leader has definition - Webster states leads definition as; to direct on a course and or in a direction. Leadership is defined; capacity to lead. These definitions have a wide range of subjectivity, but the word and meaning is important to me. My wife and I are to be leaders to our children.

I feel there are strong attributes that leaders should possess. I feel they should be selfless. Selfless in a way to give genuine consistent effort of oneself to those they care for. They should have toughness of mind, body and spirit. They should put their needs behind those they lead in a true sense of altruism, not for personal gain. They are dutifully mission oriented, confident in their skills, but ready to listen and accept additions to the path taken. They should be loyal to their people and to their organization. They should be integritous and have discipline to avoid pitfalls and temptation.

This may sound a bit militant. I will admit It is hard to divulge these teachings from the theater of the United States Marine Corps where I experienced them and practiced them in repeated form. The Marines have many mantras, but one stands paramount primarily in boot camp when young recruits are striving for the title of United States Marine:

Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

In life, these can be just like the vast swath of words in the English language. As an individual attempting to be a better person one can look deeply into each singular word and then utilize them as a guide to not only be a good human, but to be a good father. Being a leader and being a good father can be synonymous. Striving for a strong moral code is important in any day and age let alone the one we inhabit now. Children benefit from leadership in their home. It can be a layer of education, metaphorical armor, assistance in problem solving, even advancing their abilities to deal with the world they encounter. When a child lacks leadership in these forms they go into the world unprepared and or pliable to more nefarious stimuli.

We can’t let that happen.

As stated I am a believer in using these simple three words as a template for being a father. Honor your spouse, honor your children, honor yourself. Treat them with respect, not with poor words and or actions. Courage: I challenge us gents to have courage in the face of poor living, in poor action and being. To have courage to serve our family, to put in the effort required for the long haul versus when we feel up to it. Courage to stand tall for our children because they need us. Commitment: we have chosen a path to create these beings, now we must commit to not only their birth, but to their wellness as they grow and enter this world. Being born is a miracle in its own right, but it is a rapid moment that is fleeting. Living and harboring that little being is the commitment I am driving for.

I do not want it to seem that I am making this effort an easy path. You have my respect for battling through the hardships of all fathers giving their all. Lord knows it is an everyday effort to be the right type of father.

Be a leader that is worth following gentlemen. I have faith we can change the world in doing so.

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