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Fatherhood is a Livelihood

I think it is important to attend to this subject in a meta cognitive form.

It is easy to take fatherhood for granted. It is easy to take being a father, having children as a run of the mill experience that many partake of in this life. On the flip side the grind of life, the effort to navigate the world’s stressors do not lend fathers any favors.

I believe familial units suffer when young men approach it as a light hearted affair without accountability to their family of their own creation, and or are crushed by the weight of responsibility that can be present as a father throughout history let alone here and now in this globalized world.

I believe young men and women suffer when they do not have a father in their life. There are consequences when a child does not have a familial unit to support, teach, guide and discipline into a decent human being. Too many people take the honor of being a father for granted in my humble opinion. It may be taken for granted and or it may be missing the mark of the job requirements being a father constitutes.


It is horrendous to leave one's family, it may be just as bad to be present but non existent as a positive figure for your children and spouse.

We as fathers can take up a mantle to be better for our children. If we are better for our children as a wide collective, we can be better across our nation.

In some forms in this country our familial unit and the mantra behind this is suffering. I'm not giving a strict definition to what a family must constitute, I am more desiring to state a family unit must be present, and they MUST hold to a strong code of ethics and honor for one another and for their children.

We give effort to our children throughout their lives, but it is so vital to give them the right attention, guidance, and support while they are neurologically moldable. Due to recent events, I use violent crimes in our nation as an example, it is no happenstance that young males break the law more than ladies, it is no random chance that young men engage in violent acts more than women do. Through repeated studies in these young male groups, it is no accident they have a commonality that they lack a strong familial support system. Not all….but many of these young men lack a father with the heart and constitution to make the hard but morally correct decisions to be with their family. To work hard in all the ways a present devout father should, so the young men have the right tools physically and mentally to live well in this life. Those young men had fathers and mothers that missed the opportunity to cultivate their children. They had fathers that simply were not there in the right facets to save their child’s mind and ultimately their life. Sadly the ripple of failure extends to those who were senselessly and horrifically taken by the warped individuals that lost tethering to reality.

Being a father may be an accident. Fatherhood in its correct ethos cannot be.

If you fail or flounder there are potential dire consequences. I am not attempting to use scare tactics here, but the reality must be understood when you gain the badge of being a father. Now go earn that badge.

It is a great responsibility that should be bought in to. It is not a low stage job that you can muck your way through. It is a livelihood. One that must be bought into with passion, dedication, and a zeal to make yours and your children’s lives better. It is a great gift gents, one that gives back so much when you invest into it. One that I feel gives more depth, reality, and satisfaction than anything else I have experienced in life.

Invest in your children, follow the path of a livelihood in being a father. Find joy in being with your children. Challenge yourself to be better, and I wager your children will be better as well.

Be better gents, the world is counting on us.

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