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Being a Daughter's Dad

I have found being a father of sons and a daughter to be a fun and challenging experience. I am able to be their singular father much of the time. We play, talk, and enjoy time all together much of the time. They truly do enjoy playing all together most of the time. Many times my boys are one to do or desire something different than my little girl. I have found it very important to recognize this and allow her to be her own person.


I grew up with two younger brothers. I had many boy cousins. With no sister, my girl cousins were very important to me. I have wanted to be a daughter's dad since I was a young man. I felt it would be a special experience and I hoped it would come to fruition. I have been blessed with three wonderful kids, and was given the opportunity to support an amazing little lady. I truly challenge myself to make more effort in asking her what she would like to do vs just tail along with her rambunctious brothers. Don't get me wrong, my little gal will throw down and wrassle with the best of them. Sometimes she can give her brothers a run for their money, but she does not need to be as active ALL THE TIME as her brothers are wired to be. I do my level best to ensure each child has their time of interest. With the boys a wild monster wrestling session usually suffices. With my young lady, I have read more books, watched more Sofia the First, played more Barbie, painted faces, played board games, accessorized various jewelry, and did more nails and Frozen lip balm application than ever before. The time I have with my daughter, the smile on her face, shows me what fostering her choice means to her.

Boy or girl, foster what each of your children enjoy. Gauge what their personalities trend to, what gives them joy and confidence, and attempt to cultivate it. It truly is a short period where they will ask you to do something with them. Where they genuinely desire to spend time and experience their favorite things with you. Let us be the father that means the most to our daughters, to our sons. Let us live with less regret that we didn’t take the time that may be less prioritized for our busy adult days. Our children may not specifically remember day to day activities, but the sustained presence and active involvement will bolster their development and growth for years to come.

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