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Intentional Moment:

Nite Time Talk

It is the end of the day, just before they are getting ready to power down for a much needed 10-12 hours of hard earned sleep. There are times in the day getting your child to complete a full sentence will not happen. Use this quiet calm time to gain insight into your child's day.

Nite Time Talk

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With this close proximity time it can be used simply for positive loving contact. It can be used to reflect on situations, recall and give credit to an action. Returning to a lesson that was learned. It doesn't have to be every night, Lord knows night parent time. Use it intermittently and ask your child meaningful, mindful questions. It is fun to hear their thoughts and responses. Primarily it is a small effort to be present with your child, we and they will benefit from that act no matter the conversation fodder.

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Create a calm, nightly calm down process to allow their energy to release and give them time to wind themselves down. Closer to bed, reduce screen time to decrease neurological stimulation. Read to them, tell them a story, cuddle with them. Allow slow but structured wind downs into; lights off, music and night light on.



Weekly and/or more by choice, actively ask your children to state positive things about themselves and areas they feel they can get better at. Allowing build of confidence in their positive attributes. It can also circle back to daily-weekly lessons learned from events that occurred.



Praying together does not have to be only before bedtime or a meal, nor does it have to be long and drawn out. It can be at any moment, as simple as "Thank you, Lord, for this day."



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