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Intentional Moment:

Positive Thoughts

Weekly and/or more by choice, actively ask your children to state positive things about themselves and areas they feel they can get better at. Allowing build of confidence in their positive attributes. It can also circle back to daily-weekly lessons learned from events that occurred.

Positive Thoughts

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Multiple earlier posts on this site give support to the intentional act of a father to be involved and searching positively in their child's life. Allowing them to give feedback of themself is an important act of self assessment and response that has more depth than the run of the mill how was your day questions and follow on short comments. I find it entertaining and interesting what my children consider a positive quality, and what they feel they need to work on.
Ensure this moment occurs at a quieter time, possibly one on one. This allows less distraction and more thoughtful answers.
Engaging in this structured conversation allows you, the parent, a small window into your child's mind and heart. It is important to stay tethered to your child, that way on good days or bad, you can be present for them. You can congratulate them on successes, and support them through challenges. Hearing their side of a day's event can be important for the parent to maintain perspective about how a child views things and how to possibly approach situations in different pathways the next time around.

The citation below is a study demonstrating the importance of parent involvement and the validated correlation of a child's behavior with positive parent involvement and support.

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