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Intentional Moment:

Pre-Bed Routine

Create a calm, nightly calm down process to allow their energy to release and give them time to wind themselves down. Closer to bed, reduce screen time to decrease neurological stimulation. Read to them, tell them a story, cuddle with them. Allow slow but structured wind downs into; lights off, music and night light on.

Pre-Bed Routine

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Evening time in a busy house full of children can be a wild time. It is one of my favorites as it is after the ramp down from the day, after dinner, after the duties of the day are completed. It is a time where families can just shut the door to the world and spend time together. Traditions can be made, memories can be built, positive development is present with this consistency. My wife and I have attempted to build a light structure for our children of higher activity after dinner to lower activity just prior to bed to assist a true physical and neurological wind down for our children. After our games, books, night time shows we want them to have tired bodies and minds. Full tummies and being tucked in their safe warm beds with a kiss and a hug to be their last memory of the day. There is nothing more satisfying as a parent to carry on into your adult evening knowing you served your children in a positive manner. Nighttime is one of the most genuine time frames for a father to serve his family.

Make your own routine, but do it together

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It is the end of the day, just before they are getting ready to power down for a much needed 10-12 hours of hard earned sleep. There are times in the day getting your child to complete a full sentence will not happen. Use this quiet calm time to gain insight into your child's day.



It is a fun way to gain a picture of your child in as many ways as you want. Ask questions of their favorite movie, book, song, color, animal, clothes, games etcetera. It is interesting to compare answers over time-age as they grow and experience more of life. There are specific templates to log these answers if you want to come back to their answers over time.



Praying together does not have to be only before bedtime or a meal, nor does it have to be long and drawn out. It can be at any moment, as simple as "Thank you, Lord, for this day."



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