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Little Prayers

Praying together does not have to be only before bedtime or a meal, nor does it have to be long and drawn out. It can be at any moment, as simple as "Thank you, Lord, for this day."

Little Prayers

Image Source: Ben White on Unsplash

Having your children hear you pray can work wonders in their hearts. But many Father's are not confident in praying out load, especially not in front of their kids. One way to start to overcome this is to say little prayers.

A prayer doesn't have to be a certain length or have any fancy words. It can be as simple as "Today is a beautiful day, thank you, Lord".

Here are some ideas for these little prayers throughout your d
- If you see an ambulance or Care Flight helicopter, say, "My God, please be with those injured and their families."
- Prior to traveling with your family: "Lord, please keep us safe during our travels".
- After an achievement: "Thank you, Lord, for the wisdom, knowledge, and work ethic to achieve this goal!"
- During a time of struggle: "God, please give me the strength to get through this and the wisdom to make better decisions next time".
- When you wake up in the morning: "Lord, thank you for letting me live to see another day."
- If there is a big life change: "Lord, please grant me the wisdom to make the decision that will place peace in my heart and be beneficial for my family."

There is no wrong way to pray. Don't get caught up in the specific words, feel like it has to sound a certain way, or anything along those lines. Especially if you don't normally pray out loud, start small. It's learning a new skill. You can't expect to be running full speed the first day you stand up. Give yourself grace and keep it short. The Lord knows what's in your heart.

If you would like to learn more about Christianity, please check out the link below. It is a link to our Better YOU resource Grow In Faith. There you will find resources to learn more about the Bible and Jesus, as well as how to better lead your family to Christ.

Lastly, If you need prayer or would like more Little Prayer ideas, please visit our "Connect With Us" page, linked in the footer, and send us a message. We would love to talk with you!

The link above IS an affiliate link. While this is a product, the intention is to use it as a tool to be more intentional with your child.

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