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Intentional Moment:

Eat as a Family

Make it a priority to eat dinner together as a family. No phones, no television, no distractions. Intentional quality time.

Eat as a Family

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Whether you cook or order out, eat together in a setting that allows for purposeful discussion. Sit around the table or outside on the patio, either way, remove all distractions and give your family/children your undivided attention.

Set a goal for x-number of times a week based on what is realistic for your family & schedule. Discuss this goal with your family and make sure everyone is on the same page as to why it is important to you.

Be intentional with your conversation. Don't just ask "how was your day?", where it can be shrugged off with a simple "good", but ask "what was the best part of your day?", "what do you have planned for tomorrow?", "what is your favorite subject in school right now, and why?", or "is there something in particular you would like to do this weekend?".

If you need more suggestions, check out "Table Topics" or similar products. They provide 100s of thought-provoking questions to stimulate the best kinds of conversation with you and your children.

The link above IS an affiliate link. While this is a product, the intention is to use it as a tool to be more intentional with your child.

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The link above is NOT an affiliate link. The Intentional Father simply believes it to be a great resource for fathers!

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It is a fun way to gain a picture of your child in as many ways as you want. Ask questions of their favorite movie, book, song, color, animal, clothes, games etcetera. It is interesting to compare answers over time-age as they grow and experience more of life. There are specific templates to log these answers if you want to come back to their answers over time.



Weekly and/or more by choice, actively ask your children to state positive things about themselves and areas they feel they can get better at. Allowing build of confidence in their positive attributes. It can also circle back to daily-weekly lessons learned from events that occurred.



Be intentional with your conversations. Utilize thought provoking conversation starters that are great for Father/Child relationship building!



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