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Intentional Activity:

Shadow Puppets

Shine a flashlight against a wall or a hung up sheet and make shadow puppets!

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This activity can be as simple as a few hand puppets or as creative and involved as you want to get. Below are a few ideas to take it to the next level!

- Cut out shapes, animals, or characters.
- Grab a book and act it out with your shadows as you read along.
- Take turns making different shapes or animals with your hands have the other person try and guess what they are.
- Create an entire scene from your child's favorite book or movie. Setup your camera to get a picture of it when complete!

At the end of the day, it is about quality time with your child. Be present, enjoy the moment.

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Pick a chore or task, then have your child write out detailed instructions on how to complete the task. The trick is, you must follow the instructions word-for-word! If the task fails, have them modify the instructions and try again.

Exact Instructions Challenge


Before or after dinner, to help release the ever present kid wiggles, set up a family dance party. Get a speaker and some favorite family tunes going. Let your child make up a dance move and let everyone else copy it for a bit. This allows them to "own" their own rhythm, and it is very fun to see what they come up with!

Family Dance Party


Spend quality time with your kids playing the classic game Jenga!


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We hope you enjoy the Intentional Activities recommended. We strive to bring you quality content and ideas to assist in the continual pursuit of your children. Please understand your child's abilities and use discretion when partaking in any idea or activity listed on The Intentional Father. The Intentional Father is not liable for any harm caused.

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