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Intentional Activity:

Family Dance Party

Before or after dinner, to help release the ever present kid wiggles, set up a family dance party. Get a speaker and some favorite family tunes going. Let your child make up a dance move and let everyone else copy it for a bit. This allows them to "own" their own rhythm, and it is very fun to see what they come up with!

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This activity can be a simple way for your family to accomplish important positive goals. You will bond with each other just by being with one another in the same room with total focus on the family and their activity. You will undoubtedly laugh with the excellent, goofy, outrageous dance moves your children come up with. You will burn some of that endless child energy to potentially allow them to sit somewhat still for nano seconds before bed. You will have fun together. It is important to create enjoyment as a family. Families are supposed to have fun, not just exist in passing of one another.

Use this activity as an intermittent event to promote silliness as a family. Families should have fun together.

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Set a timer, have your child pick the activity they want to do, spend good ole quality time with them on their terms.

Timers With Kids


Create a game that involves you wrestling your children. Make a pillow pile for safe landings. Be a monster, be an animal, be something that can be wild and encourage your child to let loose and release all that energy they have. Many studies show the neurological firing; dopamine and serotonin increase, let alone pure simplistic happiness, occurs during positive physical contact and hands on playing with children.



Plan a meal that you can cook with your child! Ensure it is easy to make and, of course, something they want to eat and therefore, will want to help!

Cook Together

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