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Create a game that involves you wrestling your children. Make a pillow pile for safe landings. Be a monster, be an animal, be something that can be wild and encourage your child to let loose and release all that energy they have. Many studies show the neurological firing; dopamine and serotonin increase, let alone pure simplistic happiness, occurs during positive physical contact and hands on playing with children.

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There is nothing I have more joy in than getting down on the floor and wrassling my kids. It is a great release for me, let alone my wild harem. As stated, use your imagination to create a light structure. Whether they have to get to a safe space by you, you make up character names, you create team work by multiple kids ganging up on you etcetera!

The simple act of increasing one's heart rate, stressing cardiac output, pushing your pulmonary function, activating the fast twitch fibers in your muscles connects with something primal in the human body. It is physiologically healthy to engage in this level of activity. What better than to share it with your kids. Get out there brother and get after it!

Linked below is a study of "Father-Child Play: A systematic review of its frequency, characteristics, and potential impact on children's development"

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7 exciting father/child balloon activity ideas, ensuring fun and quality bonding. With something as simple as a balloon, create memories that will leave both you and your child grinning from ear to ear!

Balloon Bonding


Before or after dinner, to help release the ever present kid wiggles, set up a family dance party. Get a speaker and some favorite family tunes going. Let your child make up a dance move and let everyone else copy it for a bit. This allows them to "own" their own rhythm, and it is very fun to see what they come up with!

Family Dance Party


Re-create trick shots you have seen or come up with your very own, either way, spend quality time with your child while having fun together!

Attempt Trick Shots

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We hope you enjoy the Intentional Activities recommended. We strive to bring you quality content and ideas to assist in the continual pursuit of your children. Please understand your child's abilities and use discretion when partaking in any idea or activity listed on The Intentional Father. The Intentional Father is not liable for any harm caused.

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