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Timers With Kids

Set a timer, have your child pick the activity they want to do, spend good ole quality time with them on their terms.

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I have thought a lot about how I interact with my kids. Some days depending on work, school, home work, house care, house stress level and many other variables; I find that I am giving orders in repetition. Chad has perfectly said in the past, it is important that our kids have interaction with us as parents in other forms than just discipline and correction. I care about my kids being good humans, and I am strict when it comes to proper behavior. But I do not want to be viewed as totalitarian and singular as a father. I want to spend time with my kids and show them love. I want to have fun with them in their world. I feel it is important for us to go with them, versus us dragging them to adulthood as fast as possible. The world comes quick, I want the beautiful time of childhood to have its day in the sun.

Today, we have 3 kids within 8 to 6 years old. Our house is a literal circus, at times it is hard for us to find time that serves each kid. One kid wants to do something, the others don't want to do the said activity. It can cause a lot of disruption, tantrums, progressive stress and chaos for all parties involved.

My wife and I created a system with our closely aged kids. On weekends, we have "timers".

We create a round robin of sorts. Each kid gets a set time limit, we as parents rotate through with them. It is known that the event is THAT child's timer and the other children have to respect that, as they will have their time in turn. They get to choose, the parent does not alter the event other than side ideas and additions. They get to control their sphere, I am not telling them what to do. We set our collective parent mindset of not being rushed or goal oriented.

We have found it to be reduced stress play so that we can spend quality time with our kids. We find happy moments, views into their personality and interest, it calms a lot of the noise in life. We spend time together based on their choice. Ownership is important to us all, even for a 2-8 year old.

Get your egg timers out (or a smartphone) and set a time gents. Have fun, whether it's making the latest Barbie craft, playing smash trucks, or having various avengers getting frozen by a frost dragon.

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