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Spend quality time with your kids playing the classic game Jenga!

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Jenga is a simple, yet excellent, way to spend quality time with your kids or the whole family. Turn off the TV, put your phone down and on silent, and be 100% present during this time.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can write a command on each Jenga block. Once the block is pulled, the person that pulled the block must do whatever is written. Below are some ideas from

- Say the alphabet backwards.
- Sing the alphabet to a different tune like "Mary had a Little Lamb".
- Slay a lightning round of "I Spy".
- Sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" with your tongue out.
- Tell the person to your left something you like about them.
- Wear your shirt backwards for the rest of the game.
- Play a quick round of truth or dare & everyone gets a turn.
- Random scavenger hunt! everyone has to find: a bobby pin, a piece of paper, something with the letter "M" on it.
- During this round, everyone must pull out the blocks with their non-dominant hand.
- Take an extra turn.
- You must refer to yourself in third person for the rest of the game.
- Play "Thumb War" with the person to your left.
- Dance your best jig.
- Random duck duck goose!!
- Vogue! Strike a pose!
- Make the loudest fart noise possible.
- Balance the Jenga box on your head for as long as you can.
- "Boop" someone on the nose.
- Make the first animal sound that comes to your head.
- Make up and recite a poem on the spot.
- Do your best ballet move.
- Do your best beat box for 10 seconds.
- Call your mom and tell her that you love her. right now.
- Play two truths and a lie.

However you play, enjoy the time with your child!

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