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Intentional Activity:

Scavenger Hunt

Send your child on a scavenger hunt to find a treasure! This can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Lead them to a birthday gift or to an event/activity they would enjoy. Either way, be right along side, just as excited to solve each clue.

Image Source: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

First, determine what you want to be the final "surprise". Lead them to their birthday gift, to a bag of candy, to their favorite meal that you cooked, to anything you can think of that would get your child excited.

Next, put it somewhere completely hidden so they won't happened to stumble across it and work backwards from there. Write clues that describe the place where the surprise is hidden, then hide that clue somewhere, and so on. The clues can rhyme or be goofy. They can be symbols or drawings. You could even make it educational (and cruel) and put math problems on each clue, then you give them the location of the next clue when they solve the problem.

Overall, just have fun with it! Challenge your child, but don't make it so hard that it get them down or frustrated. Always remember, the point it to spend time with your child. Be engaged and just as excited as they are when as they solve each clue!

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