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Intentional Activity:

Yard Sale Saturday

Pick a Saturday, give your kids a small amount of money, and go yard sale hopping together!

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This activity can be as simple as it sounds or you can get really creative with it!

The simple is, let your children roam and find things that interest them. No problem with this, you are spending time together and that is the point.


Take it to the next level and create a challenge. Below are just a few ideas:
- Try to find the tackiest item. If you have multiple children, you be the judge!
- Attempt to find the oldest item. Set some ground rules that you must be able to find a reference online to backup the date.
- Teach your kids to negotiate and see who can get the best deal on any item. Measure it by the percent they were able to save!
- Go even further and see who can turn the biggest profit by flipping the item. Over the next few days, assist your children in listing the items found on eBay, or a local for sale site. After all items sell, see who made the most money!

No matter how you go about it, this activity will provide you with plenty of quality time with your children. Take advantage of the car rides to and from the yard sales. Maybe turn it into a day and grab lunch together too. Either way, be present and intentional. Let it be at the fore-front of your mind how many times you look at your phone. If you pull it out to research an item you found, don't get side-tracked and start scrolling or checking email. Make sure you keep the goal in mind, intentional time with your children.

These kind of days with their father are ones that will be remembered. They may not remember the exact conversation or items they bought, but they will remember the time spent together. Make it happen!

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