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Intentional Activity:

Volunteer Together

Help your local community, build you and your child's relationship, and teach about helping others. Serving together can make a huge impact on your child!

Image Source: Anna Earl on Unsplash

Take the opportunity to show your child what it means to love one another through actions. There are to many opportunities in our local communities to serve that go un-fulfilled, take advantage of this and grow with along side your child. From serving food at a homeless shelter to tending a community garden, volunteer opportunity awaits!

Click the link to go to This is an incredible website that matches you with local or virtual volunteer opportunities.

The link above is NOT an affiliate link. The Intentional Father simply believes it to be a great resource for fathers!

The link above IS an affiliate link. While this is a product, the intention is to use it as a tool to spend more intentional time with your child.

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It is important as parents to assist in growing our children's respect of their surroundings. You can initiate and support that mindset by gathering your family, getting out and showing care for your town, city, country.

Clean Up


Take time out of the day to give back with your child. Sit down together and write notes, draw pictures, or make crafts for the men and women serving in the military or as first responders. Not only will this activity provide quality time together, it can also teach humility and kindness.

Letters to Service Personnel


Whether through your church or a local shelter, cooking for a single family or serving food to those in your community, show your child what it looks like to serve others.

Feed Those in Need

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We hope you enjoy the Intentional Activities recommended. We strive to bring you quality content and ideas to assist in the continual pursuit of your children. Please understand your child's abilities and use discretion when partaking in any idea or activity listed on The Intentional Father. The Intentional Father is not liable for any harm caused.

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