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Intentional Activity:

Feed Those in Need

Whether through your church or a local shelter, cooking for a single family or serving food to those in your community, show your child what it looks like to serve others.

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Cooking or serving food is a wonderful way to volunteer and serve others. Remember, your child is always watching you. Take them along, let them see you humbling yourself to serve those in need.

There are two easy ways to find a family in need or a place in which to serve. First, go to your church. Generally, the church will have an idea or list of those people or families that could use a good hot meal. Whether someone is sick, just had surgery, lost a job, lost a loved one, etc., not having to think of cooking or where your next meal is coming from can be a huge help in a time of need. Second, a homeless shelter. Shelters are constantly in need of volunteers, not only around holidays but year round. The link below is to the Salvation Army's Find a Shelter page. Use this to find a local shelter and reach out to see how you can help.

Spread some good and love in the world while also setting a wonderful example for your child!

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It is important as parents to assist in growing our children's respect of their surroundings. You can initiate and support that mindset by gathering your family, getting out and showing care for your town, city, country.

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Experience the joy of preparing and sharing a meal all while taking a bite our of big scientific ideas like biology and chemistry in the kitchen. It's the perfect ingredients for family bonding time!

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Be available for help while your child cooks. But it's not so much the cooking here that is the Intentional Activity, but the eating of the meal. Sit together and ask what they enjoyed or how they made the meal.

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