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Intentional Activity:

Movie Night

Make popcorn, dim the lights, buy the large box of your childs favorite candy, put your phone away, and watch their favorite movie together!

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Allow this night to be all about your child. Let him/her pick their favorite movie (even if you have recently seen it 1000 times...). Set the mood. Dim the lights like you are at the theater and grab some snacks. Try to make them remember the "Movie Night" instead of just the movie!

Challenge yourself to get into the movie just as your child does. Every now and then, whether it's a funny scene or a foreshadowing line, your child will look up at you to see if you were paying attention. Make sure you are! If you are, they probably won't say anything, but simply turn and continue to watch. Inside, however, it will make them happy knowing you didn't miss that moment. If you aren't paying attention when they look up at you, there's a chance they could be disappointed. They are hoping for you to be just as excited as they are and, in their eyes, how can that be possible if you aren't paying attention?

During the movie, if you have to get up, for any reason, ask if it is ok for you to pause it. This shows your interest in their movie even more. It shows them you don't want to miss anything potentially exciting or critical to the story.

Last note, put your phone away. But not just in your pocket, in the next room. Ensure you are not distracted. Your child and this movie are the only things that matter in this moment.

It's the little, intentional things that can make a simple movie into a memorable Movie Night. Do the little things well. Be intentional.

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