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Intentional Activity:

Book vs. Movie

Find a movie that was based on a book (or a book that was made into a movie) that you and your child will both enjoy. Read the book together followed by watching the movie. Then, discuss!

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Whether you choose to watch the movie or read the book first is up to you. Read the book together or get your own copies. Either way, the main idea here is to share the experience of both along with the deep discussion of the differences!

Let's be honest, normally the book is always better than the movie. It holds more detail, paints a move vivid image (even though the movie is literally providing the image), and is generally read prior to watching the movie. Your imagination and depiction of the visuals derived from text are perhaps perceived differently than the director. From the opening scene you could already have thoughts of what they should have done differently. From the casting of actors/actresses to how contrite or eloquently they portrayed each character.

These are the items to discuss!

Perhaps you could talk about who you would have casted instead? Or which part of the book you would have highlighted more, left out, or downplayed. Or maybe, you thought the movie held its own and introduced a narrative or two the book was lacking.

Either way, get into it. Dissect it. Have strong opinions.

At the same time, make sure you listen. Allow your child to voice their point of view as well. Guide but don't dominate the conversation.

Enjoy these moments. Be Present. Be Intentional.

Note: To jump start an idea for a book/movie to dive into, below is a link to an article listing out 50 children books that were turned into movies!

The link above is NOT an affiliate link. The Intentional Father simply believes it to be a great resource for fathers!

The link above IS an affiliate link. While this is a product, the intention is to use it as a tool to spend more intentional time with your child.

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