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Intentional Activity:

Look Through Photos Together

Either on your phone or an old photo album, intentionally set aside time to sit down together and look through old pictures!

Image Source: Romina BM on Unsplash

These days, everyone has hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures on their phone. Take the time to sit down with your child and look back at the memories you made together. Tell stories, laugh, let it spark conversation.

Below are a few ideas to get started:
- Have your child pick a specific Year and Month, then find pictures from that time.
- Pick a specific age your child was and go back to those photos. Tell them stories of things they did when they were that age.
- Talk to family members and try to find the oldest pictures you can of your family and share that with your children.
- Just start scrolling. Start with your most recent photos and see where it takes you.

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Pick a chore or task, then have your child write out detailed instructions on how to complete the task. The trick is, you must follow the instructions word-for-word! If the task fails, have them modify the instructions and try again.

Exact Instructions Challenge


Take time out of the day to give back with your child. Sit down together and write notes, draw pictures, or make crafts for the men and women serving in the military or as first responders. Not only will this activity provide quality time together, it can also teach humility and kindness.

Letters to Service Personnel


Using a couple sheets of paper, practice folding paper airplanes with your child. Then have a throw for distance contest!

Paper Airplane Contest

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We hope you enjoy the Intentional Activities recommended. We strive to bring you quality content and ideas to assist in the continual pursuit of your children. Please understand your child's abilities and use discretion when partaking in any idea or activity listed on The Intentional Father. The Intentional Father is not liable for any harm caused.

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