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The Power of a Father's Influence: Living Intentionally

A mature oak tree can produce 10,000 acorns a reproductive season. The acorns will fall, some will be eaten, others stepped on and cracked, but some will take root. Of those, many will become oaks themselves. Growing and maturing to then produce similarly. And the process repeats. Continually.

As a father, you are the oak. The acorns or seeds are your influence.

Father and son planting a tree together

Your influence is immeasurable. It extends far beyond your own children, impacting generations to come.

In no way, however, does it stop there. It expands well beyond your family.

If you coach your child's baseball team, you have influence over the other children.

If you lead, or simply partake in, a church group, you influence those close to you.

Interacting with your co-workers, helping a neighbor, volunteering in the community, any and all words, actions, decisions or non-decisions made can have influence over others.

These interactions can create a ripple effect that propagates unintentionally, just as the wind can blow or an animal carry away an acorn.

But will the seeds you plant, your words, actions, and decisions be unintentional as well?

Ensure your daily living reflects the love and values you desire for your children, so that your unintentional ripple will be the result of intentional seeds.

As you raise your children, you are in charge of shaping their values, beliefs, and morals. Your influence over them can determine the course of their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren.

"Realize that when you speak into your children's ears, you are speaking into the ears of your great-great-grandchildren as well" - The Resolution for Men (p.116)

It's the daily, small things matter.

Something as simple as taking your daughter to a Father/Daughter dance could have lasting impact.

How are you treating her? In what way are you speaking to her? Are you actively exuding the love and respect she deserves? You are demonstrating the kind of behavior she should expect in a man. In addition, it shows the others attending a healthy example of Father/daughter relationship.

So, what kind of seeds are you planting?

The seeds you plant today will determine the world your children and grandchildren inherit. If you want them to grow into strong, kind, confident, and responsible adults, then you must start by exhibiting those traits on a daily basis.

By living intentionally daily, we plant seeds that grow into strong oaks, whether we know it or not. Whether coaching a sports team, leading a community group, or simply interacting with others, our daily actions have influence.

You have the power to shape the lives of your children and countless others. Make the most of that power by living your life with intentionality.

Be Present. Be Intentional.

- Chad Vrla


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