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Intentional Activity:

Water Balloon Fight

Have some fun in the sun with a water balloon fight! Get in on the action and spend some fun, quality time with your kids.

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The description says it all! Get into it, have fun with your kids.

Fun Ideas:
- If you have enough people (multiple kids or kid's friends) play dodge ball with the water baloons
- Throw them in the air as high as you can and have your kids try and catch them without breaking!
*If one does somehow manage to catch one without it breaking, come up with a fun prize (maybe you can't move for 30 seconds while they pelt you with balloons)
- Play tag with the water balloons. Instead of touching to "tag" the other person, throw the balloons. If you get hit, you're now it!
- Take turns laying down on the ground, spread apart from each other, and try to hit each other with the balloons (Battleship style).

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