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Summer Review

With school back in session, sit down as a family and go through the fun things you did together!

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We speak about creating memories through The Intentional Father. Summer is a wonderful time for so many reasons. Longer days, water, road trips, hot days, cool drinks, fireworks, slow mornings, later nights, BBQ, vacations, NO SCHOOL!

I hope you and your families went out and about, or stayed at home, but did things together that allow your family to grow positively together.
Sit down in the last few weeks of summer and talk about your favorite memories you made this summer. What didn't you get to do? What are you excited about in the upcoming school year?

Get out on the porch, get some tasty meats and veggies on the grill, chat about the summer fun. A simple and fun way to enjoy an evening together while it is still hot and the crickets are a chirping.

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Enjoy the outdoors and spend quality one on one time with your child! Whether a casual stroll or mountain trek, take the time to step away from the hustle of life and experience nature together.

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Spend quality time outside together fishing! No matter if you love fishing or have never tried, enjoy the outdoors with your child and watch their face light up when they catch a fish!

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We hope you enjoy the Intentional Activities recommended. We strive to bring you quality content and ideas to assist in the continual pursuit of your children. Please understand your child's abilities and use discretion when partaking in any idea or activity listed on The Intentional Father. The Intentional Father is not liable for any harm caused.

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