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Intentional Activity:

Go Fishing

Spend quality time outside together fishing! No matter if you love fishing or have never tried, enjoy the outdoors with your child and watch their face light up when they catch a fish!

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Fishing is a great way to get one on one, quality time with your child. Find a spot where it is quiet, peaceful, and where you can be alone. Don't let any distractions take away from this time. If possible, turn off your cell phone and ask the same from your child if they have one. Pack some drinks, snacks, bring a couple chairs, and make sure to plan enough time to truly relax together and have time to talk. Generally, fishing is a quiet sport, but take this time to have genuine conversation.

If you have never been fishing before but would like to try, no problem! Go to your local sporting goods store and snag a rod with some hooks and weights. Normally, stores carry a small starter "kit" to help you out. At this point, the type of rod doesn't matter and don't worry about getting lures or any fancy bait. Take some corn, toss it on the hook and you will get a bite. Most likely will be a small Perch, but the excitement will be all the same!

If you do enjoy fishing and have been before, DO NOT make it about you or even the fishing. This time is about your child and the time you are spending together. Be patient, be kind. Your child (especially depending on their age) will probably not sit as still as you like or be as quiet as you wish, but are they having fun? Make sure you do not make it about yourself wanting to catch fish, but ensuring it remains a shared, joyful experience.

If you are looking for a place to fish and get started, check out! Here, people can post local fishing holes and log where they have successfully caught fish. Good luck!

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