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Build and Grow DIY Kit

Spend quality time with your child through pre-drilled, easy to build projects! Lowes has a line of Build and Grow woodworking projects that are fun and easy to build!

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From Monster Trucks and Race Cars to Bird Feeders, there are many options to build. The pieces are pre-drilled so nails are easy for your child to drive in themselves. The instructions are well laid out, simple, and easy to follow. It's a great way to spend quality time with your kiddo!

There is something to be said for creating with your hands. It is quite the feeling of accomplishment to look at a project once complete and think 'I did that'. Instill this feeling in your children. Guide them in earning that since of pride.

For all of these projects, there are two pieces of advice I will give:

1. Do not take over. The point of these projects is for quality time. Not for the project to be complete, or for it to look a certain way when it's complete. As an engineer, this is the one I struggle with the most. What could take a few minutes with me building the kit and my kids watching, will probably take 30 minutes or more. Plan for that extra time. But don't just plan it with the clock, plan it in you mind too. Know and understand that it will take longer and fight every urge you have to just grab the hammer and drive in the last nail.

2. As with all Intentional Activities, be 100% present. Remove all distractions. Leave your phone in another room. Be fully and completely in the moment.

No matter if the complete project looks anything like it was intended or not, enjoy the process. Get your hands dirty, learn something together, and have fun doing it!

Take it to the next level:
- Most of the kits come with stickers to complete the kit. Instead, or in addition to, the stickers, paint the kit once you are finished! Let your child put their own spin and personality on it. Use masking take to make designs or plan ahead and paint the pieces prior to building the kit. Either way, indulge in the creativity!

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3-5, 6-8

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Crafts, DIY, STEM, Tools, Work with Your Hands


Hand Eye Coordination, Motor Skills, Work with Your Hands


5-15min, 15-30min

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