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The Resolution for Men


Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick, and Randy Alcorn

The Resolution for Men targets each aspect of a mans life from a biblical perspective. It outlines what it means to be a truly courageous leader of your family. How to show your wife the love that Jesus had for the church. How to foster a solid relationship with your children and loving discipline. In addition, it combats men's struggles and addictions with biblical principles. It truly is a wonderful book for any Christian man, especially for a father.
The Resolution for Men
From the Back Cover: While most men will die with deep regrets, others will resolve to live for what matters most.

From the New York Times best-selling authors of The Love Dare comes a strong resolution of faith, family, and fatherhood that sets men on a course toward long-term success - the kind that breaks the chains of your past, earns the loving trust of your wife, wins the hearts of your children, and prepares a legacy beyond what your father could leave for you. With a clear resolution, you'll be able to see exactly where you're going. Straight ahead into a life marked by renewed faithfulness.

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