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Mission Possible

Go Create A Life That Counts


Tim Tebow with A.J. Gregory

If you have ever seen or heard about Tim Tebow, there is a good chance it was not specifically related to sports. Maybe it was about him taking a knee and praying on the field or thanking God at the end of a game. Maybe it was even about him after being cut from the Jaguars, now on a plane to Afghanistan to assist refugees in their time of need. However or wherever you have heard his name, I can guarantee one thing, he was on mission. He is one of the most driven people I have heard of or read about and has been more consistent in his message than Bernie Sanders: "you were created in the image of God, by love, in love, and for love" (p.xvi). This book is exactly on mission for Tebow. Using personal stories and experiences, he encourages and motivates his readers to live a mission driven life to help others. It may not be at the level of change he is able to achieve, but change happens one person at a time. Great read for the person that wants to find or better develop their purpose and live a life more fullfilled.
Mission Possible
Tim Tebow believes that the secret to a truly meaningful life is not more comfort or ease, but recognizing the clear, unique mission that God has set before you. Having a focused sense of your personal, God-given significance will bring you a lasting sense of purpose. That's why Mission Possible will help you:

- Identify your priorities
- Align your responsibilities
- Elevate convictions over emotions
- Make decisive, wise, and impactful choices
- Fuel your drive and passion
- Set your sights on eternity

Let this book ignite a new spark in your life. Wherever you are, whatever your work, you can find God's purpose for your life. Accomplish the mission that you have already been called to and equipped for. It's never too early and it's never too late to start living a mission possible life.

Find your mission, pursue your purpose, and go create a life that counts.

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