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A Lot Like Me

A Father and Son's Journey to Reconciliation


Larry Elder

After ten years of not speaking to his father, Larry Elder recounts the day he walked through the doors of his father's diner to tell him off for good. What started as 'I'm going to give him a piece of my mind', morphed into honest discussion, understanding, and even laughter, ending eight hours later. His father didn't know the depth of destruction his words and actions had caused, but Larry didn't truly know the life and genuine nature of his father. From that day on, Larry felt true love for his father and would even tell him so every time they spoke. It's a story of forgiveness that has since inspired many others to initiate the same difficult conversation with their fathers. It's entertaining, inspiring, and a good read.
A Lot Like Me
From the back cover: "I hated my father-really, really hated him. I hated working for him and I hated being around him. I hated it when he walked through the front door at home. And we feared him from the moment he pulled up in front of the house in his car."

So writes conservative firebrand and popular radio host Larry Elder. For ten years Elder and his father did not talk to each other.

When they finally did, the conversation went on for eight hours-eight hours that took Elder on his father's journey from the Jim Crow South, to service in the Marine Corps, to starting a business in Southern California.

Elder emerged not just reconciled with his dad, but admiring him, and realizing that he had never fully known him or understood him.

Heartfelt, beautifully written, compulsively readable, A Lot Like Me-originally published as Dear Father, Dear Son-is both a powerfully affecting memoir and a personal, provocative slice of American history.

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