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The FoxFire Series

14 - Book Collection Set


Eliot Wigginton

This was a series I found through my wife's family. It is an expansive series that started as a school project back in the late 1960's. A full furnished book of southern Appalachia mountain living in all its glory. It started as a young teacher attempting to have his class learn beyond the normative curriculum of school and the doldrums that come with it. He wanted to capture the essence, experience, the color of the surrounding hills and the interesting and resourceful people that inhabited it. The full collection is a wealth of knowledge 100 years in the making. The series is expensive but book by book, it is affordable and very worth it. It is a detailed anthology that can guide an inquisitive individual into the skills of the old country that are mostly lost to history in these technologically driven days.

To steal a line from FoxFire Book 1 Ever want to know about "hog dressing, log cabin building, mountain crafts and foods, planting by the signs, snake lore, and hunting tales, faith healing, moonshining, and other affairs of plain living" Well good sirs, then this series is for you!
The FoxFire Series
For over 40 years, high school students in Foxfire programs have helped to gather and publish information about their Southern Appalachian heritage. Best known for the best-selling Foxfire Book series, the series and the other topical titles were all grown from interviews gathered for The Foxfire Magazine. The success of the student-driven program led to professional research that generated the Foxfire Approach to Teaching and Learning and its support materials for use by other educators hoping to achieve similar levels of student involvement and create life-long learners.

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