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The Problem of God

Answering A Skeptic's Challenges To Christianity


Mark Clark

The Problem of God is one of the most impressive books I have ever read. This is primarily due to the amount of research completed and craftfully articulated throughout the book. Each chapter is packed with historical references, interviews, book quotes, etc. In total, there are 267 references (Notes P.251-267). What is even more fascinating, is that large number of these are non-Christian references. Author Mark Clark dives deep into Christian critics, theories, and the references that are used to disprove Christianity. He then digs to the root of each opposing idea or thought to determine how or where it originated, how it has propagated throughout history to become what it is today, and how history, the bible, or archeological studies have already disproved it.

If you are a Christian that struggles with skeptical feelings about any part of your faith, an atheist that wants to see why us crazy Christians believe what we do, or anywhere in between, this is an excellent and must read book for you.
The Problem of God
The Problem of God explores answers to the most difficult questions raised against Christianity.

A skeptic who became a Christian and then a pastor, author Mark Clark grew up in an atheistic home. After his father's death, he began a skeptical search for truth through the fields of science, philosophy, and history, eventually finding answers in the last place he expected: Christianity.

In a winsome, persuasive, and humble voice, The Problem of God responds to the top ten interrogations people bring against God, and Christianity, including:
- Does God even exist in the first place?
- What do we do with Christianity's violent history?
- Is Jesus just another myth?
- Can the Bible be trusted?
- Why should we believe in Hell anymore today?

Each chapter answers the specific challenge using a mix of theology, philosophy, and science. Filled with compelling stories and anecdotes, The Problem of God presents an organized and easy-to-understand range of apologetics, focused on both convincing the skeptic and informing the Christian.

The book concludes with Christianity's most audacious assertion: how should we respond to Jesus' claim that he is God and the only way to salvation.

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